This is a super dish to have late in the day if you are trying to stay healthy and or lean/get leaner. The reduced amount of carbohydrate in this dish still keeps your body full of fuel, without supplying it with additional energy it might not need. Your body will benefit from the fat and high protein content of both the veg and meat and the high quality macronutrients from the greens will help boost your immune system in these coming winter and illness prone months.

Its super tasty and only makes 15/20 mins to perfect.


A chicken breast with Arabic spices
3 cloves garlic (chopped)
Green raisins
Pumpkin seeds
Cavaliero Nero
Icelandic protein yogurt


Marinade chicken breast in arabic spices (do it in the morning if you can)

Pan fry your broccoli with coconut oil and crushed Garlic cloves, whilst your chicken breast cooks in the oven.

Add you Cavaliero Nero to the pan along with all the tasty extras.

Slide on to your plate and place sliced chicken breast on top, dollop the protein yoghurt, take a pic and tag us @thecarsonkitchen and @on.your.marks


Good luck x