Whether you are training for your next 5k Run, a marathon, to gain muscle mass or a 5 a side football game, or just to get through your day at work, you need to fuel your body with the right food so that your performance can be at its peak. So, What should you be eating?

No matter how much you training you put in, there is only so far you’ll be able to progress in your chosen exercise unless you’re putting the right nutrients into your body too. This also means that caffeine and refined sugars should really be ditched to keep you performing to your optimum hour by hour, sorry Mr. Starbucks with your triple whip caramel iced frap – not up in here!

Having a healthy balanced day of food will help you, not only to perform well, but also to recover quicker. So which foods should I eat before I work out?

1. P R O T E I N – Protein is wanting to support and sustain muscle growth and function. It’s also an important nutrient for muscle for exercise as it helps promote and generate muscle strength. Be sure to top up your protein reserves by chowing down a meal of good lean protein sources. Any of the Super Vitality protein supplements are excellent because they require little or no prep time and don’t leave you bloated – no mess no fuss.

Salmon, chicken and turkey are your next best options but require some prep time and or can be expensive. They are the leanest of the meats, especially turkey which is super easy to digest meaning the nutrients are absorbed much quicker then say, red meats.

2. F R U I T – Bananas, pineapple and watermelon. Fruit is often and underestimated source of carbohydrate. Fruits also contain some high quality proteins. As a carb fruit is easily and quickly broken down to be used as fuel. Bananas are the top pick jam packed full of digestible carbs and potassium which supports muscle function.

3. C A R B O H Y D R A T E S – Oats, whole grains and sweet potatoes. You may have heard of carb loading? This isn’t eating pasta and pizza day in and day out, that’s not going to get you performing to your pinnacle. Be sure to pick complex carbs over high GI foods. Complex carbs are released steadily over time. So generally carbs like oats are great to bond with proteins to support slow release and growth of muscle over time. Brilliant to have at breakfast or directly after your training. They are full of fibre and vitamin b so which helps turn the carb into raw energy.

Note: these foods can be eaten as a combination to fuel performance – not to loose body fat or gain muscle. More care and attention needs to be given when you have an aesthetic goal. For more information please contact me directly. Contact details at the bottom of the page.

Happy fuelling,