So I’ve decided it’s time for another omelette… for those of you that follow, please make this it’s SO delicious. A slightly more extravagant lunch, breakfast or dinner but enough food for 3 meals has cost me the same as a large dominos you choose!
2tsp coconut oil
6 tiger prawns
A slither of red onion
A handful of peas
2 eggs
1 handful of spinach
Prosciutto ham
1 teaspoon crumbled feta
And some chives
So coconut oil into a hot pan, throw in some red onion and peas, and cooked prawns..leave to get some colour for a couple of minutes, tip onto a plate.
Put a little more coconut oil into the pan and tip in 2 whisked eggs..swirl it round so it’s lovely and thin like a pancake. It will cook super quick. Put a handful of spinach on top, followed by the prawns and peas, then as a beautiful combination, half a slice of prosciutto ham, some chives and a bit of crumbled feta!!! Mmmmm soooo good!