Bring yourself home a bag full of healthy foods and reclaim a romance with your kitchen. Frustratingly during the day we are sometimes subjected to losing control over what we eat but, our relationship with the kitchen still exists. Make it romantic, fall back in love with eating healthier foods, ingredients that require attention and care in preparation.

Like in many relationships its often the experiences that matter. It is both the fond and the sour memories that forms the bond between us and our relationship with food.

For me there are two at home eating experiences on offer:

Option A. Home cooking brings a great deal of satisfaction, but the process of cooking itself bring a whole host of health benefits. Hearing pots and pans, the oven opening and closing, the silver wear hitting the table, these distinct sounds all effect our experience of eating prepared foods that we can be actually proud of. Aside from the fact that I find satisfaction from the smells, the squeezing, juicing, dicing, and mixing ingredients extremely therapeutic, its scientifically proven that your body begins to prepare itself for the meal ahead, and so makes absorbing the nutrients that much more effective.

So what really happens? In scientific terms the stomach relaxes, our mouths start to produce more saliva and the whole alimentary canal lubricates during the preparation time.

Option B. We pick up the phone and order that mighty fine looking pizza, sit on the sofa and digest food whilst hunched over in awkward positions which only makes hard to digest foods, even harder.

We are also starving our bodies of nutrients that mother earth gave us – let’s be honest they are not hiding in the stuffed crust.

Removing dense macronutrients (greens and basically all veg) from our daily intake of food we honestly hugely hinder (I love a bit of alliteration) our bodies and brains optimal performance and whats worse is, the food we consume in place of our veg usually always is detrimental too. (steamed long stem broccoli – pretty much the best)

Taking ownership, having fun and taking pride in what AND the way we eat plays a monumental part in our day to day lives. Next time you go to cook at home, clatter your way around the kitchen, make a mess, make noise and get your hands dirty; its a good way to eat clean.

Fall back in love with healthy, balanced home cooked meals and you will stand to benefit from far more then perhaps a slimmer waist line. The food you eat can dictate your energy, your aura, your engagement at work and your physical performance at the gym and at home!