Los Angeles I am coming for you.

London’s fitness community is no doubt growing but is contending with other industry world leaders Los Angeles, Sydney.

London has adopted the boutique gym class’, social media and there is a growing number of celebrity Personal Trainers in an era which has seen huge scientific advancements and understanding since the days of Mr. Motivator. What ever happened to that guy?

London doesn’t sit on at the top of the list largely because the capital isn’t covered in sunshine year around. There is this legacy in British culture adopted in years past that we need to shake.

As a trainer in London, come the dawn of spring, the requests for personal training are incomparable from November, local gym classes sell out and the streets and parks are busier then ever with runners.

We want to look good for the summer, be prepped for Pimms season. The trouble is as soon as the summer nights start to shorten we relax into tis perpetual cycle of laziness. Annoyingly this means that we slip into poorer physical habits and as a result become sub optimal versions of ourselves in the colder, umbrella up type months. If you want to read more about the science of this give google a high five and type in SAD(Seasonal Affective Disorder), pretty cool data. Anyway… a little sidetracked.



I have been on American soil, Los Angeles, for less then 24 hours. Already I have noticed a change in culture both fitness and social. People want to ascend, carry as they climb; smile, eat and sweat hard. I find the enthusiasm infections and can’t help but already notice my cheek bones hurt from the volume of smiles that have struck my face. This guy has done some serious smile reps, claiming that hash tag.

In typical British fashion I am a little skeptical to see if this trend continues. Is it Californian fakery that I have heard about or is it just the way people operate…? It is obvious to see that the fitness and health industry is much bigger here as the demand is greater. People are healthier and fitness is just a part of normal routine. I’m going to hazard a guess here and say because it rains for only 6 days a year, people wear less and want to look good doing it.

BUT, I am interested to see if this fitness culture is deeper then fat vs. muscle percentage. Over the next two weeks I want to see if the way of life here in LA is healthy physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.



I want to see what I can learn to bring back to the UK and see if I can apply a bit of ameriCAN culture into what I think is perhaps an overly conscious fitness community back home.

I have just finished my first sweat session at Training Mate in West Hollywood, which you’ve got to check out. Luke Milton’s class is unlike any class I have ever been to; Hilarious, sweaty and perfectly inappropriate. I have eaten eggs and drank green juice (Whole Foods obviously) and am going to venture toward Venice. Will check in again soon with more smile updates and sweat recomendations.


OYM out…