Since 2009 Alex has accumulated specialist qualifications in Pre and Post Natal exercise prescription, neurolingustic programming, functional training and honed his skills as a body transformation specialist.

REPs Registered Personal Trainer who started his career in the fitness industry after graduating form the Carnegie Faculty of Sport and Education of Leeds Metropolitan University.

Alex is a model professional and keeps his client engaged throughout their contact time. The exercises are specific, challenging, educational and surprisingly enjoyable; and,  you wont be find yourself on the treadmill for any great period of time.

O.Y.M is your one stop shop to a body and lifestyle balance that is both sustainable and not just another fad or gimmick.

Personal being the optimum word used with all his O.Y.M Personal Training clients and his O.Y.M Mums. He sets fitness and food aside upon consultation taking time to get to know the each individual, the reasons behind their goals and the perceived barriers preventing them from achieving what they set out to do.

Breaking your day down hour by hour Alex and O.Y.M  searches for what it is you are doing ‘wrong’ and how it can be improved. This is not as intimidating as it may seem. O.Y.M helps find honest and convenient solutions to what many of us may find a struggle, debunking myths and making fitness un-intmidating . This provides you with a structure and skills that, over time, become routine. Soon you will find yourself more accomplished and looking better then ever.