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I have rarely found a more dedicated client than a mother – what they accomplish is nothing short of a miracle. From my perspective, training a woman during the most challenging time of their life is mutually rewarding because each and every client benefits from optimising their body for labour whilst contributing to a healthy pregnancy; something that I take great pride in. Being a man in an industry that is dominated by women doesn’t come without its challenges and regardless of the obvious fact that I will never give birth I will always have the upmost respect and admiration for mothers and mothers-to-be. I feel honoured to be a small part of all my clients’ journeys and proud to have contributed to their conditioning and recovery.

Either side of childbirth the pressures of day to day life are gigantic and the energy you need to simply get through the day is frankly, enormous. There is a huge amount of emotional integrity attached to my work with mothers and perhaps more than many of my personal training clients the care taken during pre and post-natal training is paramount. That being said exercise is far from limiting. My years of experience and qualifications have taught me that; although every mother and their circumstance is different, there is so much that can be achieved both pre and post labour.

Since becoming and an Ante/Pre and Post Natal Training specialist in 2012 I have helped mums across South West London condition themselves for pregnancy and labour. The following are a few examples of what training with On Your Marks Mums can help with.

Pre Natal Advantages:

  • Physical preparation for child birth
  • Exercising and healthy eating, this increases the size of the placenta thus increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrition to your baby
  • Reduces discomfort during pregnancy
  • Helps to sustain hormonal balance
  • Reduces stress and lifts your spirit
  • Boosts your energy and helps you sleep (by all accounts you are going to need it)
  • Helps mother recover quicker after child birth
  • Gives the mother some much needed ‘me time’

Ultimately the fitter you are, the more mobile you will be during your pregnancy. Sweating, lifting weights and increasing your stamina are also hugely helpful for when you fall into labour, yet are commonly discredited because of fears and perceived risks or lack of experience in the gym, having said this you are at a greater advantage if you are not living a completely sedentary lifestyle. My goal pre labour is to help prepare you for your child’s first true birthday, a time that mothers I have worked with want to approach as best prepared, and as confident as possible.

Look good and feel amazing are the two most common requests of the new mother and On Your Marks Mums is here to help you do just that. We are aware of the social pressures and the emotional strain of being ‘out of shape’ or ‘not your normal self’ and for many women it can seem simply intangible whilst managing a new or young family.

Reconditioning Mums, post pregnancy is challenging for a number of reasons. It can seem as though there isn’t enough time in the day to train and prepare healthy, nourishing meals.

On Your Marks Mums are able to accommodate you and your baby during your contact time as well as advise you on healthy meal options that will optimise your lifestyle and keep the results coming.

Both Studios are capable of accommodating you, your pram and your baby so long as they are not fully mobile we are able to exercise efficiently either in nap time (preferable) or not.

Alternatively we can always do some baby inclusive exercise that keep the cries at bay and you working. I also (diary permitting) am able to travel to your house, SW London; Clapham, Battersea and Chelsea.

Post Natal Advantages:

  • Increased body confidence; pelvic floor, diastasis and ‘mums tum’
  • Get you looking great
  • Drop dress sizes
  • Tone up troublesome post natal areas
  • Postpartum diastasis conditioning
  • Postural correction
  • Get you feeling like your former self; only better

We are committed to maximise the convenience of building a healthier, fitter and leaner lifestyle around your busy schedule. Whilst you go through, what we can only imagine, is one of the most challenging times of your life. We will be here, on hand, to advise you on small lifestyle adaptations, nutritional hints and tips to help you maximise your physical performance and recovery.

Our two phase ‘Bring it Back’ programme is engineered to work simultaneously on re-conditioning and fitness. This ensures that whilst you are slimming down you are also gaining body confidence, increasing your natural energy and stamina for all the things being a busy mum entails.

Gaining body confidence in your pelvic floor, re-conditioning of any diastasis all the while getting you fitter and leaner; Bring it Back is a one stop shop that will get you in tune with you and your body again.


I started training with Alex following the birth of my twin boys 6 months ago.
Alex has singlehandedly helped me rediscover my pre pregnancy body and mind by putting me through challenging but massively enjoyable sessions, which felt both social and interactive as well as physically tough.
His focus on identifying and then resolutely ensuring you achieve your goals whilst being able to care for and even get your babies involved if necessary is, in my experience, unique.
Alex is a real find and a post natal must have; I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.
– Susie Lind


I started training with Alex in early pregnancy and found the sessions, varied, hugely effective and great fun.
His knowledge and expertise enabled me to stay fit and strong throughout and despite a complicated birth, I was able to start exercising again soon afterwards – with the little one in tow.
As a new mum, I found getting out of the house to train with Alex vital for both my post-pregnancy body and mind.
His ability to keep a baby entertained while you focus on some precious adult time sets him apart.’
– Emily Nash

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