Here the aim is to share healthy eating and well balanced meals with helpful tips and myth busters to assist you with your fitness and wellness journey.

Fitness and food sit side by side. One does not exist without the other.

In our eyes ‘to diet‘ or the word ‘diet’ should never have been invented. Life is a balance and never is that truer when talking about eating. There shouldn’t be a moral judgment about eating badly. So we aren’t good to say some foods are bad for you or that you should only eat good foods; but we will say some foods are healthier then others.

Here at O.Y.M we believe nourishing the body in balance with your physical activity levels and desired aesthetic image is of paramount importance.

To optimise your day to day living and performance you need food that is actually food. Foods that have a long shelf life are proven to decrease your brain and bodies functionality and we provide the body with natural food sources we are more likely to obtain natural optimal performance.

Talking frankly dropping body fat isn’t as challenging as people think. It all about ensuring you adopt these two steps:

  1. Consistant Exercise
  2. Clean Eating

Achieving this balance is learnt and takes time but we are here to help. Just check out our amazing recipes below.

O.Y.M provides you with mouth watering meals that supply your body with amazing foods, dense with macronutrients that will keep you and your body performing to your optimum.

Clean eating doesn’t mean you have to only eat leaves and drink green juices(although they help). It’s about finding the balance that’s right for you and your body. It’s all about give and take.

On Your Plate ensures that healthy eating guidelines include sustainable and realistic solutions in a world where we are all incredibly time sensitive.

I always stress to my clients ‘dieting’ is not a sustainable way of eating, and is not the solution. We encourage clients to look at it differently.

Upon consultation; and throughout our time together, we go through your average days worth of food looking at when, where you are eating and see how and what alternatives we can put in place to ensure your body is primed for a optimal mental and physical performance.

O.Y.M & The Carson Kitchen Latest Recipes


Tuna Omelette

Great post workout refuelling; another super tasty take on a classic! 1/2 can tuna 1/2 can sweet corn 2 slices of red onion 3 slices of red chilli 1 tsp…


Surf and Turf Omelette

So I’ve decided it’s time for another omelette… for those of you that follow, please make this it’s SO delicious. A slightly more extravagant lunch, breakfast or dinner but enough…


Smoked Haddock Kedgeree

This is a super easy dish and a very cheap one too, you can make it cheaper by getting brown rice, rather than Carmague, but I think that makes all…


The Romance of Eating

Bring yourself home a bag full of healthy foods and reclaim a romance with your kitchen. Frustratingly during the day we are sometimes subjected to losing control over what we…


Performance Fuel

Whether you are training for your next 5k Run, a marathon, to gain muscle mass or a 5 a side football game, or just to get through your day at…


Piri Piri Chicken

Ingredients: 1 chicken breast (butterflied) 2 teaspoons Piri Piri dry spice rub A good sprinkle of Maldon salt 1 teaspoon of coconut oil – start cooking in a hot pan…