If its time to change then the O.Y.M Personal Training  Method is here to help. We create a simple go to daily recipe for success that takes away the strain of counting calories on your plate and calculating calories lost on the treadmill.

O.Y.M looks at your day to day life and helps formulate a personal fitness and nutritional guideline for you from when you first wake up, all the way through your day to when your head hits the pillow at night.

O.Y.M Clients have lost more inches of their hips, more body fat over their whole bodies and gained more sculpted lean muscle then ever before.

Is it time to take control? Contact O.Y.M on the link at the bottom of the page.

Initial evaluation and consultation takes place before any exercise even begins. Once your goals are established and we have gained sufficient knowledge about your day to day life we go about formulating a plan that is  as conducive as possible to you achieving them and as convenient for you as possible.

Resistance, high intensity interval, circuit and sport specific training are all methods that O.Y.M incorporates into your contact time. We also spend how ever long it takes to plan your non contact hours; exercise and food!

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