David Hodge

  • As a busy professional in my mid 30s, I kind of thought it would be another one for the “bright ideas department” to ‘get fit’ and hire a personal trainer. That was in autumn 2012. Thanks to Alex I’m now the fittest and healthiest I’ve ever been and it’s a noticeable energy boost to carry less weight and be in better shape.Training with Alex is now one of the most important parts of my life and schedule in London – and I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s not just the exercise but also the incredibly helpful advice on nutrition and diet that I’ve been able to incorporate into my routine without feeling like my world has been turned upside down.
  • I like the way he reads each session and the situation so well, he can tell what I will respond to. Everyone has a different style and Alex puts in the time to understand me and make sure I get the most out of every session.Alex Marks is definitely not some sort of cardboard cut-out personal trainer, he’s the real deal. Working with him on my health has been one of my best ever decisions.

Allison Justice

  • I have lost 12 lbs of body fat and holding and couldn’t be happier. Working with Alex also had an effect on other areas of my life.  During our sessions Alex has shown me that our minds are powerful but can often mislead us into thinking we can’t do something.  Alex has shown me many times that I’m able to push myself further than I normally think I can.  It is amazing how taking control of one aspect of my life (exercise) has had a ripple effect on others.
  • I am making healthier choices for food, changing priorities and getting a better work/ life balance and setting higher goals for myself in and out of work.  I feel healthier, more confident and more in control of my life. The benefits and results of working with Alex far exceed anything I’ve ever gained from my typical gym memberships.

Jen Attick

  • I started training with Alex to increase my strength, energy for day to day activities and to get into a better exercise routine. I trained with Alex for 12 months during which I achieved new personal bests, reduced my body fat percentage and learnt a whole lot. He’s fun to work with, great for results and a genuine caring guy who easily relates to people. He had a knack for knowing what I was capable of and never letting me slack off.
  • I always enjoyed exercising and living a healthy lifestyle and mentioned to Alex that I had considered becoming a personal trainer myself. With Alex’s encouragement and support I went on to achieve my goal and became qualified in summer 2014. Throughout my course he continually made himself available when I had questions or required advice like he did whilst he trained me.

  • His commitment and passion to his clients is paramount, going above and beyond all expectations. I hope to inspire my future potential clients like Alex inspired me with his enthusiasm, passion and drive.

  • I would recommend Alex to anyone who needs to get focused and stay focused. He’s one of a kind personal trainer, the best in the business!

Bridget McNamara

  • I’ve been training with Alex for six months and have absolutely loved it! I’m quite time poor and work in the City so really appreciate Alex’s flexibility to meet my busy schedule. Training with Alex helped me achieve my goal of being selected in and playing for the England Mixed Open Touch Rugby team at the recent European Championships, despite having a chronic ankle injury.
  • I’ve gained strength, muscle tone and confidence, and lost some unwanted kilos. I’d recommend him to anyone, regardless of ability or fitness level.

Victoria Woods

  • I started training with Alex about a year after id started my gym-going, getting fit campaign in earnest, having tried a variety of different approaches to working out generally, non of which had given me the results I was really after. First and foremost, Alex listened to what I wanted and then set about getting me there; constantly changing the work outs to keep things interesting while sticking with the strategy we set out with at the beginning.
  • I had just a few months to train with him before moving abroad but in that time, not only did I see my body shape changing the way I wanted, it learned a huge amount about exercise, nutrition and what worked for me.

  • Three months on I am still what Alex taught me in my new home and feel ever motivated by the results I see. With Alex’s expertise and encouragement I adopted a whole new approach and attitude to fitness and exercise which I no doubt will be lifelong in practice, not to mention a totally new sense of body confidence.

Ayo Hughes

  • Alex seems like a nice fun guy.  Don’t be fooled – he’s a cunning, scheming trainer who’ll make you work harder than you’ve ever done in your life – and you’ll love it.  I have no idea how he does this but he’s very, very good at it.
  • I was really impressed with the way he devised a completely bespoke fitness regime for me to help me train for enduro and motocross.  He researched up on the sport and identified that I needed to build up more strength in specific areas (particularly the posterior chain) and endurance training.  I’ve been able to completely raise my game as a result.
  • His knowledge and attention to detail are fantastic. Hiring a personal trainer was a great decision but what’s really made the difference for me was that Alex is so professional and his technical knowledge and attention to detail shine through.
  • You can feel that he really wants you to succeed – which really helps when you need that extra little motivation.

Zara Sless

  • Before I met Alex my confidence was at an all time low. I’d just moved to London and my on the go lifestyle had got the better on me. Alex has helped give my lifestyle a total overhaul. With his refreshing personal training style and a few home truths he has pushed me further than I ever thought possible, motivating me to keep going and lose over 2 stone in the process.
  • Alex really listens and adapts our training sessions so that I really get the benefit of each exercise, whether it’s correcting my squat technique or helping me recover from injures.
  • With Alex’s help I’ve not only transformed my health and fitness, but had the confidence to find a new job and have recently been promoted. None of which I could have done without Alex’s continual support in the gym.