Everyone has their own battles in life. People fight their own environmental factors everyday and we have seen countless examples of happiness and confidence being negatively affected by reasons perceived to be out of our client’s control. It is through personal training and learning new skills, overcoming hardship in a safe environment with a positive mentor that we see an increase self worth. Even failing at lifting a slightly heavier weight is deemed as a success at OYM. It is a step in the right direction and can help inspire and radiate confidence.

Over time and with an emotional investment we (the trainers at OYM) have seen countless examples of our clients not just change aesthetically and see and increased level of health but grow in confidence and happiness. So you see with each new skill learned, barrier broken and new weight lifted so is your spirit. Just like the collection of feathers in our Headdress mural (each signifying accomplishment and growth) it is important to remember or be reminded of your achievements, new wisdom, strength and freedom.

Sebastian Johansen